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April 2015 Astrology forecast

As told by Jahon Mikal

Overarching Themes of April:

  • The shedding of useless things within relationship dynamics

  • Choosing wisely our battles and where to aim our passions

  • Be grateful for the opportunity to spot weaknesses within yourself, it is often times better than others having to point them out for you.

  • The race is not always given to the swift

Spring is upon us and the Sun has been in the strong, initiating sign of Aries since March 21st. The once dormant winter trees are taking action to bloom and contribute to this soon to be bustling, colorful and fertile season. Like a budding flower, our goals are uncomplicated. Open unto the world, give, receive, achieve and conquer, just don’t bite off more than you can chew, and for Christ’s sake have a backup plan!

Just before our calendars flip to April on the final day of March, Mars enters stable and steadfast Taurus. Hopes, dreams and goals are to be sought after with unwavering focus. Patience is the key, avoid hasty decisions, stick to the plan and be reasonable.

The moon hits our eyes full in the balanced and relationship oriented sign of Libra. If ever our ability to cooperate will be challenged, April 4th will be the day. Whatever is not serving to reach your highest potential within partnerships will come bubbling over the edge from the depths with great emotion and passion. These things should be shed from your life, and new working order will be introduced. Ride this wave, make decisions from carefully considered balanced viewpoints and go forth with grace and diplomacy.

Jupiter goes direct April 8th from it’s long retrograde period dating back to July of 2014. Your exploration of the far most reaches of the globe will go a lot more smoothly. Safety and fortune will return to the expansion of one’s world view, through travel and exposure to other cultures.

April 11th, Venus enters the realm of the twins. Venus in Gemini will allow us to expand and loosen our grip from the same old dynamics in our relationship, especially romantic partnerships. Mutable Gemini gives us permission to be fluid and mix it up. 

Mercury the messenger enters rock solid Taurus on the 14th, reminding us to stay the course and be impeccable with our word. Say what is relevant, be consised and don’t take no for an answer, and if the answer is still no, find your own way to make it a yes.

Lord of the underworld (Pluto) takes an even deeper dive into the unknown when it goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on April 16th. This cosmic detective will reveal clues not to the outside world as usual, but rather within us. What our true motivations? What will you see when forced to come to glimpse with your shadow self. Hiding will be difficult, so seize this time period and learn how to work with the more difficult things about your personality to empower you for the right reasons.

The new moon in Aries on the 18th encourages us to choose our battles and what we expend our energy on wisely. Don’t want to be caught out there fighting a rootless and fruitless cause.

The Sun enters fixed Taurus on the 20th urging us to use the momentum we got from Aries and sustain it. Finish something, make it sustainable, make it lucrative, find a way for it to serve others or to create further opportunity for you and your loved ones. Now is the time to root a plan and see it through to fruition. Pay little attention to how swiftly others move around you, take some advice from our shelled reptile of a friends. Take it slow, and keep it moving.

Last but not least for the month of April, on the 30th Mercury enters Gemini. We’ll have fun dabbling in conversations of many subjects and depths while remembering not to take ourselves too seriously. Enjoy the sharp and quick witted nature of a good verbal sparring match. Learn and teach, but keep it light hearted.