July Astrology Forecast 2015

as told by Jahon Mikal

The moon beams full off top on the 1st in the sign of Capricorn. Mind your high flying or subterranean emotions, using them as a guide to look deeper into the things that might be bothering you beneath the surface. Outburst may ensue, but all to lead into tough but necessary conversations. Stay grounded, seek to understand your life’s work deeper and take action. Mercury the messenger enters calm and caring Cancer on the 8th. We’ll tread more carefully when communicating, understanding the emotional impact of our words, however this will not prevent potent and possibly harsh truths from coming forth when needed. The Moon goes brand new soon after on the 15th encouraging us to focus on matters in the home. Set new home improvement goals, rearrange operations to promote domestic harmony. Three days later Venus will enter the sign of Virgo becoming dutiful, grounded, service oriented yet playfully mutable in it’s own rank. Our interpersonal relationships explore honest, sometimes sobering, open communication regarding how we sacrifice pieces of our self in our devotion to others.

July 22nd the Sun moves into the sign ruled by itself. The Sun in Leo heats up our world with the force of decisive action, undeniable presence, focus, attention and persistence. It’s best we align with this mighty force while gaining a better sense of self worth. Strut your stuff a little during this period, your very existence is a miracle and should be celebrated. Let your intentions be known to those you do dealings with on a daily basis, Mercury entering Leo just a day after the Sun will harness this urge.  

Our primadonna of a planet Venus, takes pause and double checks as it goes retrograde in Virgo. This will bring a lot into question regarding old and current relationships. Ghosts of past affair and friendships may show up to haunt, and when they do, will you be able to let go of them for good, especially in the midst of reevaluation standings of those current.  You may find yourself asking yourself if you are sure during this period. Be honest, and don’t jump to any conclusions until this transit is over, by that time you’ll have an answer, and most likely one you’ll appreciate. Note that on July 31st Venus will enter back into bright burning and  passionate Leo. Don’t spark the wrong blaze!

Our favorite topsy turvy distant gas giant, Uranus goes retrograde in the bold sign of Aries. You’ll be less likely to play things safe for the second half of 2015. Life may present extreme circumstances, and you won’t feel two ways about most things. It’s either it is or it isn’t, on or off, now or never.  

The Moon is also full on this final day in July in the sign of Aquarius. Our inner inventor and intellectual will shine forth as will Earth’s loyal satellite. In what small ways may we revolutionize our lives? When was the last time you’ve considered giving you more radical thoughts the stage? Is practicality overrated?   

Tracklist - This mix brought to you by missTANGQ

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Little Dragon - Ritual Union (GoodSon Remix)
Psymbionic & Of the Trees - One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Bassnectar Remix)
The Knife - Heartbeats
Björk - All Is Full Of Love (GoodSon Remix)
El Remelon Remix - ???
ZHU - Paradise Awaits
Vieux Farka Touré - Ana (KarlK Remix)
Gidge - I Fell In Love
Hannah Georgas - Enemies (WE SINK Remix)
Lapalux ft. Kerry Leatham - Without You
Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Royce Wood Junior Version)
Cosmo Sheldrake & Jana Eidse - I Threw A Rock Into The Sea
Jesse Boykins III - Light To Dark
Redbone - Come And Get Your Love
Leon Bridges - Coming Home
Christopher Owens - To Take Care Of Myself Again
Jhon William Castaño Montoya - Cumbia de Piedra