June 2015 Forecast
As told By Jahon Mikal

Kicking off the free and wispy month of June on the 2nd, the moon reflects fully in positively charged Sagittarius. At this peak we can look down the mountain and see clearly how far we have gone. The things we’ve left behind and the things we have kept that contribute to our highest expression of self. Embrace the new beginning whole heartedly, you’ve earned it.

The Sun has since the third trimester of May, been steady cruising in the mischievous, nimble minded, calculative sign of Gemini. The winds of change are howling, seeds are blowing and finding new fertile soil to claim, and the options are many. Keep an open mind and enjoy the adventure.
June 5th finds Venus in the warm sign of Leo. During this period we feel free to express our love for things we find beautiful in our life. We’re unashamed and we declare directly, what we desire.
Mercury goes direct after 3 weeks of past indulgences. There have been strange coincidences and overuse of the proverbial eraser head, but by this time we know where to draw the lines and will do so as we move forward as Mercury will be too.

Neptune starts it’s retrograde period right after Mercury’s ends on the 12th, during which we may find out the true story of the wizard of Oz, for anything hiding behind the curtain of illusion and massacred will be very easy to see through.

Scorpio welcomes Saturn back in it’s retrograde state, having a sobering effect on our journey of deep spiritual and emotional self discovery. We now have the authority to pursue the deeper meanings to life trends and for it to perhaps not be met with apprehension.

On the 16th the Moon is new in Gemini. Time to set new intentions involving your quest for knowledge and building a network through which to share vital information with others.
When Sun enters cardinal Cancer, summer is here and it’s time to connect. In such a potent and action oriented time it will be important to lend a supporting hand, and display your loyalty for family and friends. Take care to increase comfort around your home, it’s your station to rest and recharge and is the foundation for what you do externally.

Our friendly healing helper comet Chiron joins the club and goes retrograde on June 24th. Monitor yourself and others for sneaky underhanded ways of asserting power and influence where it is not  properly earned.

Lastly, our passions and drive are augmented upon entering Cancer on the 24th. A fiercely dedicated sign to whatever it deems worthy. Pick your battles wisely - if it isn’t going to contribute to your health and safety, is it really worth going on about?    

                                ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 


Jordan Elgie - Roses
TroyBoi - ili
Jumo - Sleep
B B King - Gone Is The Thrill (The Reflex Re√ision)
Big Wild - Aftergold
The Meters - Handclapping Song (Tropkillaz Edit)
Møme - Cyclope
Mop Mop - Kamakumba
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Only Now (Bosq Remix)
Jade Cicada - 4am
Pedestrain - Hoyle Road
Moony Me - Pink Mastiff
Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (Trentemoller Remix)
Major Lazer - Too Original feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell (Gylzey Remix)
Masala Soundsystem - Tuwa Międzylesie Turcja
Hydraulix - From The Bottom
Teeza - Piccolo
What So Not - Gemini feat. George Maple (Ekali Remix)
GeOMetrae - Ascension
Josh Pan - how the fuck do people just become strangers like that
Imagined Herbal Flows - Waves feat. CYN
FLeCK - Gaza Dub
Quanta - Emulate
SOOHAN - Full On Bulgarian
SOOHAN - Clouds Of Dankness
Androcell - Desert Nomad
Soulfood Music - Tantric Body (Morillo Remix)
Mr. Spock - Evil Side
Masala Soundsystem - Ex Oreinte Lux
Khan El Rouh - Eshtaqu اِشتاقو
Sea Oleena - If I’m (L Ron Remix)
Tusks - For You

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