November 2014 Forecast

1st half of Nov

As Mercury enters Scorpio on the 8th, we can expect that our communication will become more direct, deeply focused and probing, trying to unearth the truth from the depths and bring forth new information in which to change things in our environment. We will be less interested in superficial trivial facts about any given thing or person. While the Sun remains in Scorpio until the 22nd, we will come face to face with our deepest passions in life including our longing for other people especially intimately, wanting to know all the things unconventional or taboo about significant others in order to build deeper rapport.

2nd half of Nov

Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on the 16th, where our rootsy intimate tendencies of Scorpio give way to more universally directed themes of affection that bring a certain dogmatic idealism to romantic affairs. Relationships will tend to lean toward the lighter side of things, with less activities that require planning and strict commitment or focus of interest. On November 22nd the Sun enters Sagittarius, Expanding our awareness to life themes larger than ourselves, challenging us to test our faith, take risks and remain optimistic. This will be magnified when Mercury enters Sag and this adventurous and courageous surge of energy consumes our thoughts and begins to show it’s face in our communication.

Throughout November

Mars will continue to transit through Capricorn making us cautious in our larger ambitions, while steadily working toward manifesting what we desire. We keep a cool head when tested - sometimes a little on the cold side - not being open to precarious circumstances and carefully calculating potential consequences.

Jupiter in Leo gives us permission to be interested in our own opinions and passions, exploring various forms of self expression, sometimes simply to augment the quality of life.


- Jahon Mikal

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This month’s mix is devoted to seductive Scorpio, the provocateur who loves digging under the skin, questioning all things shallow and inauthentic, and creator of psychic connections. Scorpio, who will not be content until the soul is satisfied. Some may call Scorpio dangerous. I find that Scorpio brings us a profound threat - forcing us to dive deep and unearth the darkness in order to connect us to a higher sense of purpose and light. It’s the kind of weight that may leave you weightless, a desecration that’ll take you to church.


Louis Mattrs - Oops x Wus Good
8prn - About Me ft. Francesca Belcourt
Hozier - Take Me To Church
Bit Funk - Soul Satisfunction
GoldLink - Bedtime Story
SRTW - We Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
Little Dragon - Little Man (Benji Boko Remix)
James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix)
Big Data - Dangerous (Oliver Remix)
Baauer - One Touch VIP ft. AlunaGeorge
TĀLĀ - Black Scorpio
Sylvan Esso - Coffee
Raury - God’s Whisper (Flasstradamaus & Aryay Remix)
Cholita Sound - Choquechincha El Jaguar (Bigote remix)
Misun - Superstition
She Said Disco - Seduction Lesson
LAYLA - Weightless (Dimond Saints Remix)


- missTANGQ