Overarching Themes of May:

As told by Jahon Mikal

  • Express your emotions no matter how irrational, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their guidance
  • Within your interpersonal relationships be sure to take time out to help your loved ones feel secure and cared for. Listen to their needs and express you own as well
  • What you feel passionate and driven to do may be many things at once don’t spread yourself too thin.
  • Focus on manipulating the tangible, set reasonable goals, use all resources available
  • If you failed to deal with something the first time around you’ll get an opportunity to revisit it and attain it’s value to utilize in the future.

Here we are in the beautiful month The Temptations crooned about in their hit song “My Girl”. The Sun, which we are seeing quite a bit more of these days, especially where I reside, has been cruising in the steady hard working sign of Taurus since April 21st. We are focused on the tangible things in life and hell bent on making progress in reaching our goals. The moon is full on the 3rd to insure that we give voice to the intangible, especially our emotional needs. Don’t be caught brooding too long as it will most certainly become poisonous. If the Scorpio full moon wasn’t enough, Venus sets sail in the deep sea of the sign of Cancer. Within our closest and more treasured relationships we must turn focus to comfort and security. Let your needs be known to those important individuals and do your very best to maintain or create domestic harmony. As a good change of pace Mars arrives for a long visit with the Gemini twins on the 11th, scattering our passions about our personal universes. Stay focused and do at least one thing well so that at the end of this period you aren’t left with poorly executed, fragmented or unfinished deeds without at least one thing checked off your list. May 18th marks two significant events. New Moon in Taurus and the start of Mercury’s second retrograde period this year. The Moon gives a strong  opportunity to set new intentions of a Taurean practical nature. Mercury backtracks in order that we may revisit and identify missed opportunities so as not to miss them when they come around next. Reflect, watch what you say, be open to where this period can and will take you. Surrender, in this case it might be easier. Finally on May 21 the Sun leaves Taurus behind and enters the quick triggered, cleaver, communicative realm of the twins. This will be a time of gathering and socializing. Many paths will open unto us. It’s a wonderful time to let the winds of randomness sweep your sails and see what magical places you end up. 

                                 ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞


Bruce Lee - Way Of The Intercepting Fist And The Art Of Dying
David Starfire - Soma Dreams (Clozee Remix)
The O My’s - Pieces
Dakii - Dat Mad Beats
Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal (Bosq Rework)
Mr. Scruff and Alice Russell - Music Takes Me Up (Nickodemus and Zeb Remix)
Oceanvs Orientalis - Night In Samarqand
Brooklyn Gypsies - Fafisa (Zeb Mix)
Bomba Estereo - Fuego
Balkan Beat Box - Balcumbia (DJ Superstero Twerq Mix)
Kinesthetiac - Check Out My Bean Had
Super Mama Djomob -Dissan Na'Mbera (Akimbo Edit)
3F3XT - Colombiana
Thornato - Bayalibuza
DJ Tombs - La Era Del Moombahton Ft. Happy Colors, Jack Style
Temptations - Love I can See (Bogart’s Whiskey Barons Rework)
Quantic - Sol Clap
Sergio Mendes - Magalenha (Whiskey Barons Edit)
Jun Mayazumi - Black Room
Filastine - Colony Collapse (with Nova)
Nina Simone - If I Had My May, I’d’ve Been A Killer
Masala Soundsystem - Węgrrrrrrrrr!
Club Popozuda Recordings - Berimbau
FLV$H - Bitch (Original Tribal)
Akimbo - 울며헤진부산항 (Akimbo’s Vogue)
Schlachthofbronx - More ft. Candelilla
Luzmila Carpio - Warmikuna yupay-chasqapuni kasunchik (Tremor Remix)
YEAH NAH - Nangirri
The O My’s - The Wonder Years ft. Chance the Rapper
Anika - I Go To Sleep
Hanggai - Miss Daughter (Missing You, My Daughter)
Prinze George - Make Me
Shaman y Los Pilares - Sonriendo (Emanuel Manso mix)
Maxine Hong Kingston - Talking Story

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