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T 人 N 中

MissTANGQ is a Chinese-American multi-media artist and first-generation mystic-nerd. She is deeply inspired by the hyphenated experience and explores this through mask-making, animation, installation, and performance art to create cross-sensory and interdisciplinary work. From the many junctions of her identity, she explores the fertile unions where collaboration between seemingly disparate elements can facilitate transformative, emergent experiences. She adapts ancient mythologies for contemporary storytelling and investigates the ways ancestral traditions inform diasporic futurisms. Uniting hand-made and digital mediums, she creates ritual synesthetic experiences for live stage performances and studio art installations.

She uses clay, paper-maché, textiles, and organic materials harvested from nature and repurposed objects to construct wearable sculptures that fuse cultural traditions, ancient divination practices, numerology and symbology, animism and cosmology. She believes that activating multi-dimensional perception creates new possibilities within our imagination, remixing our past, current, and future to understand ourselves and our potential. 

missTANGQ is trained in Chinese folk dance and movement techniques based on Yin-Yang philosophy. She combines these ancient tools with new interactive media and video installations to create ceremonious experiences that migrate between time, cultures, the subconscious and imaginative realms. Aimed at healing modern disconnections between self, others and nature, her performance work re-unites the sacred into urban life. Through the creation of new rituals grounded in her cultural tradition, she weaves together a tapestry of storytelling, co-creation, and transformative communion.

Through 6 years of working as the Director of Engagement for a non-profit serving marginalized communities, she has developed and led nationally renowned educational programs and workshops that unite arts exploration with humanizing liberation pedagogy. She is always seeking ways to maintain a high level of interactivity and audience participation in her art. Her community and cultural work has led her to study Chinese metaphysics and philosophy as instruments for healing and self-development. She has made it a mission to utilize these ancient technologies to explore the intersections of nature, the human spirit and mysticism. She has developed mask-making workshops that use divination to explore archetypes, identity and mythology. These themes also reflect the queer and immigrant experience as it seeks to transform what has been inherited by society and culture into a creative undertaking of self-creation. As an activist, artist and educator, she facilitates the passageway through the inner and outer worlds to birth new narratives of being. 

As an emerging artist working professionally since 2014, her work has been featured in numerous galleries and performance spaces in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, the Bay Area, Hawaii, Mexico and China. She has been the recipient of awards granted by Artist Trust, 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. She has completed residencies with the SOMArts Cultural Center, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and Xucun International Art Commune in China. Her most notable performances recently have been at Fort Mason Center for the Arts, Asian Art Museum and SFMOMA.