Southern Gothic AfroSurrealism

Featuring Amadia Shadow Rabbit

Multidisciplinary creatrix, Mixed Race Queer Femme Weirdo, born & raised in the South, currently living & creating in Oakland. 

"I hold the radical imagination as the ultimate alchemical force in the universe- that which can liberate & transform whatever challenges or constraints we face. I often consider what it means to be humxn thru the transpersonal arts- acts of divine play, building timeless languages in mythos, & active dialogue with the unconscious, or "shadow work," that enable us to transcend our perceived limitations of identity & circumstance. These surreal explorations can unlock intergenerational, interspecies, even interdimensional consciousness & self-expression."

The below mix is a sonic interpretation of Amadia Shadow Rabbit's kaleidoscopic afrosurrealist hymn. It features blues and folk recordings from the deep south as well as songs from black prisoners. It also spans the gothic afrosurrealist diaspora, with artists from Sudan, South Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Somalia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Congo, Ghana, and Kenya. 

Southern Gothic AfroSurrealism

A stream of consciousness musing by Amadia Shadow Rabbit

to be Black in the South is inherently surreal
to have been Black in the South is inherently surreal
to be Black in the South can be
is to be Black as in BlacknWhite as in BlacknRed as in BlacknWhitenRed as in BlacknBluenWhitenRedALLOVA
to grow up n see people
see lights see shadows
the grownups say aren’t there
is to hear whispers n howling n whimpers n hymns at the lake
((watch out for ticks n moccasins))
in the basement ((watch out for black widows/brown recluse))
on the wind ((watch out for those mosquitoes with the virus))
is phantom is chills
from eyes on the back of your neck n empty rooms
digging for worms n finding broken glass n bullet shells buried n the mud
playing in a tree thinking
“this is just like when mama was hiding from grandpa
until an angel told her it was safe to climb down”
family tree posters for school with empty branches
names scratched out
nightmares that r daymares
everywheremares anytimemares
is someone in the neighborhood is poisoning house cats
they’re throwing up blood n foam
is hidenseek under the civil war memorial
a lumpnthethroat passing the small plaque under
the highway that marks the trail of tears
a frog with my grandma’s smile
a bat with my father’s eyes

it’s walking sidebyside yet always a veil apart from your white best friend
first love who points at the framed rebel flag in the restaurant
on your 5th grade field trip n says “take down that stupid flag!”
n turns to smile at you
you blush ((you remember this when you visit
Tennessee in your mid-20s n immediately pass a pick-up truck
with two giant rebel flags drilled by hand to the back))
you crawl out of the trundle bed her mom set up for you into hers
you stay up all night n share secret family horrors
((why your phone number is private
why no one comes on grandparents day))
the intimacy of pinky swears under covers
you can never tell anyone
her pale face n wide eyes tell you she won’t
she looks like she’s seen the old man in the wife-beater who stands next to your bed at night when you’re frozen in sleep paralysis

it’s the church school yard where the whole kindergarten class got possessed
chanted your name n captured you ((the only black girl))
standing in rows on either side of the wooden palace
one boy grabbing each arm
throwing you on your knees in front of “the princess”
((this never happened before or ever again))
its the church they say your great grandpa was a pastor of
he n your great grandma were the medicine man n medicine womxn
of their Alabama town
she nurtured with “healing hands” while he delivered messages to n
from the “other side”
people would come to their home to die

it’s the church
the catholic cathedral your adopted family grew up in
that your stepdad only goes to now maybe
once a year for special ceremonies where you’re tiny
under giant stained glass crucifix n surrounded by people in robes
chanting by rows of candle flames
hundreds of people synchronized
stand up now kneel now repeat these words now sweep
4 fingers across the chest left right down or something now eat
this cracker flesh drink this blood shhhh
now sit down listen
you don’t know these movements
don’t belong here
haven’t been baptized
stepdad rejects this now
except for the demons n stigmata n angels with burning swords
he just can’t shake them
you lie awake at night waiting for them to find you
until you beg to be baptized in the bathtub

it’s the church on the corner
every corner brick wood big small
some getting bigger n hipper every year with flashy casino-looking light signs out front
like the church Courtney had her lock in birthday party
where you n your three heathen friends play Bloody Mary in the bathrooms
light as a feather stiff as a board
try to hyperventilate until you have a vision
until Courtney tells the adults n you have to sit
in the center of the gymnasium where they can see you repent
for your pagan play
devil worship witchcraft
its the church Mom won’t step foot in because she has known
the monsters the preachers
pretty patrons with big pockets
the Sunday school teachers become
once Monday or midnight at the pub rolls around
she saw how everyone knew n stayed silent
she believes in God but says God doesn’t live there
every time they bury someone something somewhere n lie, the air gets thicker

a story/ presence now trapped in the atmosphere that will moan n slam doors
make toy cars move
drive your stepfather to throw you down the stairs n take the all phones off the hook
write prayers on the walls
a story/ presence now trapped in the atmosphere that will take you to the swamps in your nightmares n make you watch how they drowned
how their house burned down
great great grandpa walking the plantation yard at night with a hatchet
the little girl who wakes up your sister evert night n tells her
she’ll be safe if she sleeps in the closet
a story/ presence trapped in the atmosphere that is not leaving until it has a witness

to be Black in the South is to be denied
to hear to see to feel to know things you can’t prove or explain because the records have been erased
the air is so heavy so thick with dimensions living on top of each other until we face them with courage n create openings to exorcise n free them
dimensions black folk carry on our backs
behind our eyes in our ears in our blood
that shout n grip n take hold of us until they can be released
till a box of scrap fabric becomes a quilted epic tale
doll who already has a name appears from some hay n twine
till a banjo appears from an old box n some string n the fingers move in ways no hand has ever moved before
the boot wraps hard onto the patio planks
a song deep, eerie, enduring rises
I don’t know who you were but by damn you were here

Leo + Virgo

Two very different mixes for very different archetypes. Our astrologer is journeying through Italy and taking a break - stay tuned for forecasts to come! 

Virgo Tracklist:

CloZee - The Path To Heaven
Inti Che - Kota
Eskmo - Buffalo
Luzmila Carpio - Amaotayku Avelino Sinani (El Búho Remix)
VOLO - Drift Away
Animal Chuki - Vuelan
Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving (Kisschase Edit)
Amon Tobin - Searchers
Whispa - Hamarā
Parajito - La Muerte (Ayahuasca Clean V.)
Chancha Via Circuito - Sauce (Rafael Aragon Remix)
Jyun Jyun - Open Plains
Option Command - Burst
Hundred Waters - Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)
Giyo - Repetoire
MISOGI - Aqua Pura
Lorn - Until There Is No End

Leo Tracklist:

Ramzoid -Standing On A Cliff
Electric Mantis - Infatuation
Point Point - Life In Grey (Khamsin Remix)
Shlump - Raw
MYRNE - Artisan
S-X - Voodoo (feat. Gia)
Chiefs x Nick Acquroff - Inside Out (Stélouse & Louis The Child Remix)
Greyhat - Glider
Duskus - Open My Eyes (Feat. Anuka)
Andru - Happily Never After
Ill-esha - Sodium Blast
Luca Lush - Some Minds
Osojack - Midnight Flight
Liquid Stranger - King of the Hill
Madeaux - What U Need (feat. River Accorsi & Cassandra Kay)
VYD - Hot Water (Daktyl Remix)


July Astrology Forecast 2015

as told by Jahon Mikal

The moon beams full off top on the 1st in the sign of Capricorn. Mind your high flying or subterranean emotions, using them as a guide to look deeper into the things that might be bothering you beneath the surface. Outburst may ensue, but all to lead into tough but necessary conversations. Stay grounded, seek to understand your life’s work deeper and take action. Mercury the messenger enters calm and caring Cancer on the 8th. We’ll tread more carefully when communicating, understanding the emotional impact of our words, however this will not prevent potent and possibly harsh truths from coming forth when needed. The Moon goes brand new soon after on the 15th encouraging us to focus on matters in the home. Set new home improvement goals, rearrange operations to promote domestic harmony. Three days later Venus will enter the sign of Virgo becoming dutiful, grounded, service oriented yet playfully mutable in it’s own rank. Our interpersonal relationships explore honest, sometimes sobering, open communication regarding how we sacrifice pieces of our self in our devotion to others.

July 22nd the Sun moves into the sign ruled by itself. The Sun in Leo heats up our world with the force of decisive action, undeniable presence, focus, attention and persistence. It’s best we align with this mighty force while gaining a better sense of self worth. Strut your stuff a little during this period, your very existence is a miracle and should be celebrated. Let your intentions be known to those you do dealings with on a daily basis, Mercury entering Leo just a day after the Sun will harness this urge.  

Our primadonna of a planet Venus, takes pause and double checks as it goes retrograde in Virgo. This will bring a lot into question regarding old and current relationships. Ghosts of past affair and friendships may show up to haunt, and when they do, will you be able to let go of them for good, especially in the midst of reevaluation standings of those current.  You may find yourself asking yourself if you are sure during this period. Be honest, and don’t jump to any conclusions until this transit is over, by that time you’ll have an answer, and most likely one you’ll appreciate. Note that on July 31st Venus will enter back into bright burning and  passionate Leo. Don’t spark the wrong blaze!

Our favorite topsy turvy distant gas giant, Uranus goes retrograde in the bold sign of Aries. You’ll be less likely to play things safe for the second half of 2015. Life may present extreme circumstances, and you won’t feel two ways about most things. It’s either it is or it isn’t, on or off, now or never.  

The Moon is also full on this final day in July in the sign of Aquarius. Our inner inventor and intellectual will shine forth as will Earth’s loyal satellite. In what small ways may we revolutionize our lives? When was the last time you’ve considered giving you more radical thoughts the stage? Is practicality overrated?   

Tracklist - This mix brought to you by missTANGQ

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Little Dragon - Ritual Union (GoodSon Remix)
Psymbionic & Of the Trees - One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Bassnectar Remix)
The Knife - Heartbeats
Björk - All Is Full Of Love (GoodSon Remix)
El Remelon Remix - ???
ZHU - Paradise Awaits
Vieux Farka Touré - Ana (KarlK Remix)
Gidge - I Fell In Love
Hannah Georgas - Enemies (WE SINK Remix)
Lapalux ft. Kerry Leatham - Without You
Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Royce Wood Junior Version)
Cosmo Sheldrake & Jana Eidse - I Threw A Rock Into The Sea
Jesse Boykins III - Light To Dark
Redbone - Come And Get Your Love
Leon Bridges - Coming Home
Christopher Owens - To Take Care Of Myself Again
Jhon William Castaño Montoya - Cumbia de Piedra



June 2015 Forecast
As told By Jahon Mikal

Kicking off the free and wispy month of June on the 2nd, the moon reflects fully in positively charged Sagittarius. At this peak we can look down the mountain and see clearly how far we have gone. The things we’ve left behind and the things we have kept that contribute to our highest expression of self. Embrace the new beginning whole heartedly, you’ve earned it.

The Sun has since the third trimester of May, been steady cruising in the mischievous, nimble minded, calculative sign of Gemini. The winds of change are howling, seeds are blowing and finding new fertile soil to claim, and the options are many. Keep an open mind and enjoy the adventure.
June 5th finds Venus in the warm sign of Leo. During this period we feel free to express our love for things we find beautiful in our life. We’re unashamed and we declare directly, what we desire.
Mercury goes direct after 3 weeks of past indulgences. There have been strange coincidences and overuse of the proverbial eraser head, but by this time we know where to draw the lines and will do so as we move forward as Mercury will be too.

Neptune starts it’s retrograde period right after Mercury’s ends on the 12th, during which we may find out the true story of the wizard of Oz, for anything hiding behind the curtain of illusion and massacred will be very easy to see through.

Scorpio welcomes Saturn back in it’s retrograde state, having a sobering effect on our journey of deep spiritual and emotional self discovery. We now have the authority to pursue the deeper meanings to life trends and for it to perhaps not be met with apprehension.

On the 16th the Moon is new in Gemini. Time to set new intentions involving your quest for knowledge and building a network through which to share vital information with others.
When Sun enters cardinal Cancer, summer is here and it’s time to connect. In such a potent and action oriented time it will be important to lend a supporting hand, and display your loyalty for family and friends. Take care to increase comfort around your home, it’s your station to rest and recharge and is the foundation for what you do externally.

Our friendly healing helper comet Chiron joins the club and goes retrograde on June 24th. Monitor yourself and others for sneaky underhanded ways of asserting power and influence where it is not  properly earned.

Lastly, our passions and drive are augmented upon entering Cancer on the 24th. A fiercely dedicated sign to whatever it deems worthy. Pick your battles wisely - if it isn’t going to contribute to your health and safety, is it really worth going on about?    

                                ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 


Jordan Elgie - Roses
TroyBoi - ili
Jumo - Sleep
B B King - Gone Is The Thrill (The Reflex Re√ision)
Big Wild - Aftergold
The Meters - Handclapping Song (Tropkillaz Edit)
Møme - Cyclope
Mop Mop - Kamakumba
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Only Now (Bosq Remix)
Jade Cicada - 4am
Pedestrain - Hoyle Road
Moony Me - Pink Mastiff
Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (Trentemoller Remix)
Major Lazer - Too Original feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell (Gylzey Remix)
Masala Soundsystem - Tuwa Międzylesie Turcja
Hydraulix - From The Bottom
Teeza - Piccolo
What So Not - Gemini feat. George Maple (Ekali Remix)
GeOMetrae - Ascension
Josh Pan - how the fuck do people just become strangers like that
Imagined Herbal Flows - Waves feat. CYN
FLeCK - Gaza Dub
Quanta - Emulate
SOOHAN - Full On Bulgarian
SOOHAN - Clouds Of Dankness
Androcell - Desert Nomad
Soulfood Music - Tantric Body (Morillo Remix)
Mr. Spock - Evil Side
Masala Soundsystem - Ex Oreinte Lux
Khan El Rouh - Eshtaqu اِشتاقو
Sea Oleena - If I’m (L Ron Remix)
Tusks - For You

This mix brought to you by missTANGQ


Overarching Themes of May:

As told by Jahon Mikal

  • Express your emotions no matter how irrational, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their guidance
  • Within your interpersonal relationships be sure to take time out to help your loved ones feel secure and cared for. Listen to their needs and express you own as well
  • What you feel passionate and driven to do may be many things at once don’t spread yourself too thin.
  • Focus on manipulating the tangible, set reasonable goals, use all resources available
  • If you failed to deal with something the first time around you’ll get an opportunity to revisit it and attain it’s value to utilize in the future.

Here we are in the beautiful month The Temptations crooned about in their hit song “My Girl”. The Sun, which we are seeing quite a bit more of these days, especially where I reside, has been cruising in the steady hard working sign of Taurus since April 21st. We are focused on the tangible things in life and hell bent on making progress in reaching our goals. The moon is full on the 3rd to insure that we give voice to the intangible, especially our emotional needs. Don’t be caught brooding too long as it will most certainly become poisonous. If the Scorpio full moon wasn’t enough, Venus sets sail in the deep sea of the sign of Cancer. Within our closest and more treasured relationships we must turn focus to comfort and security. Let your needs be known to those important individuals and do your very best to maintain or create domestic harmony. As a good change of pace Mars arrives for a long visit with the Gemini twins on the 11th, scattering our passions about our personal universes. Stay focused and do at least one thing well so that at the end of this period you aren’t left with poorly executed, fragmented or unfinished deeds without at least one thing checked off your list. May 18th marks two significant events. New Moon in Taurus and the start of Mercury’s second retrograde period this year. The Moon gives a strong  opportunity to set new intentions of a Taurean practical nature. Mercury backtracks in order that we may revisit and identify missed opportunities so as not to miss them when they come around next. Reflect, watch what you say, be open to where this period can and will take you. Surrender, in this case it might be easier. Finally on May 21 the Sun leaves Taurus behind and enters the quick triggered, cleaver, communicative realm of the twins. This will be a time of gathering and socializing. Many paths will open unto us. It’s a wonderful time to let the winds of randomness sweep your sails and see what magical places you end up. 

                                 ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞


Bruce Lee - Way Of The Intercepting Fist And The Art Of Dying
David Starfire - Soma Dreams (Clozee Remix)
The O My’s - Pieces
Dakii - Dat Mad Beats
Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal (Bosq Rework)
Mr. Scruff and Alice Russell - Music Takes Me Up (Nickodemus and Zeb Remix)
Oceanvs Orientalis - Night In Samarqand
Brooklyn Gypsies - Fafisa (Zeb Mix)
Bomba Estereo - Fuego
Balkan Beat Box - Balcumbia (DJ Superstero Twerq Mix)
Kinesthetiac - Check Out My Bean Had
Super Mama Djomob -Dissan Na'Mbera (Akimbo Edit)
3F3XT - Colombiana
Thornato - Bayalibuza
DJ Tombs - La Era Del Moombahton Ft. Happy Colors, Jack Style
Temptations - Love I can See (Bogart’s Whiskey Barons Rework)
Quantic - Sol Clap
Sergio Mendes - Magalenha (Whiskey Barons Edit)
Jun Mayazumi - Black Room
Filastine - Colony Collapse (with Nova)
Nina Simone - If I Had My May, I’d’ve Been A Killer
Masala Soundsystem - Węgrrrrrrrrr!
Club Popozuda Recordings - Berimbau
FLV$H - Bitch (Original Tribal)
Akimbo - 울며헤진부산항 (Akimbo’s Vogue)
Schlachthofbronx - More ft. Candelilla
Luzmila Carpio - Warmikuna yupay-chasqapuni kasunchik (Tremor Remix)
YEAH NAH - Nangirri
The O My’s - The Wonder Years ft. Chance the Rapper
Anika - I Go To Sleep
Hanggai - Miss Daughter (Missing You, My Daughter)
Prinze George - Make Me
Shaman y Los Pilares - Sonriendo (Emanuel Manso mix)
Maxine Hong Kingston - Talking Story

This mix brought to you by missTANGQ

Aquarius | Pisces | Aries

Maestrology is back! Serving 2 new mixes for your listening pleasure, feat. new Kendrick, Asgeir, Tribe Called Red, and Junglepussy.

April 2015 Astrology forecast

As told by Jahon Mikal

Overarching Themes of April:

  • The shedding of useless things within relationship dynamics

  • Choosing wisely our battles and where to aim our passions

  • Be grateful for the opportunity to spot weaknesses within yourself, it is often times better than others having to point them out for you.

  • The race is not always given to the swift

Spring is upon us and the Sun has been in the strong, initiating sign of Aries since March 21st. The once dormant winter trees are taking action to bloom and contribute to this soon to be bustling, colorful and fertile season. Like a budding flower, our goals are uncomplicated. Open unto the world, give, receive, achieve and conquer, just don’t bite off more than you can chew, and for Christ’s sake have a backup plan!

Just before our calendars flip to April on the final day of March, Mars enters stable and steadfast Taurus. Hopes, dreams and goals are to be sought after with unwavering focus. Patience is the key, avoid hasty decisions, stick to the plan and be reasonable.

The moon hits our eyes full in the balanced and relationship oriented sign of Libra. If ever our ability to cooperate will be challenged, April 4th will be the day. Whatever is not serving to reach your highest potential within partnerships will come bubbling over the edge from the depths with great emotion and passion. These things should be shed from your life, and new working order will be introduced. Ride this wave, make decisions from carefully considered balanced viewpoints and go forth with grace and diplomacy.

Jupiter goes direct April 8th from it’s long retrograde period dating back to July of 2014. Your exploration of the far most reaches of the globe will go a lot more smoothly. Safety and fortune will return to the expansion of one’s world view, through travel and exposure to other cultures.

April 11th, Venus enters the realm of the twins. Venus in Gemini will allow us to expand and loosen our grip from the same old dynamics in our relationship, especially romantic partnerships. Mutable Gemini gives us permission to be fluid and mix it up. 

Mercury the messenger enters rock solid Taurus on the 14th, reminding us to stay the course and be impeccable with our word. Say what is relevant, be consised and don’t take no for an answer, and if the answer is still no, find your own way to make it a yes.

Lord of the underworld (Pluto) takes an even deeper dive into the unknown when it goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on April 16th. This cosmic detective will reveal clues not to the outside world as usual, but rather within us. What our true motivations? What will you see when forced to come to glimpse with your shadow self. Hiding will be difficult, so seize this time period and learn how to work with the more difficult things about your personality to empower you for the right reasons.

The new moon in Aries on the 18th encourages us to choose our battles and what we expend our energy on wisely. Don’t want to be caught out there fighting a rootless and fruitless cause.

The Sun enters fixed Taurus on the 20th urging us to use the momentum we got from Aries and sustain it. Finish something, make it sustainable, make it lucrative, find a way for it to serve others or to create further opportunity for you and your loved ones. Now is the time to root a plan and see it through to fruition. Pay little attention to how swiftly others move around you, take some advice from our shelled reptile of a friends. Take it slow, and keep it moving.

Last but not least for the month of April, on the 30th Mercury enters Gemini. We’ll have fun dabbling in conversations of many subjects and depths while remembering not to take ourselves too seriously. Enjoy the sharp and quick witted nature of a good verbal sparring match. Learn and teach, but keep it light hearted.

2015 New Year Astrology - Jan/Capricorn

As told By Jahon Mikal

Sun in Capricorn

An ice cube means business as it chills your drink, keeps your local deli’s potato salad edible or is pinned against your wounded flesh to reduce inflammation. Cold and solid with integrity, this time between December 22nd and January 19th with the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, demands that you be the same. Do your duty with diligence and keep your word, especially the promises you’ve made to yourself. The goals and undertakings we frivolously aimed to complete last year demand our absolute focus, as well as our new ambitions.

Moon and Planets

Venus finds itself in Aquarius on the 3rd of January and challenges us to broaden our perspectives on relationships. Throwing out your old rule books and redefining boundaries within friendships and more intimate partnerships. Explore the limitless potential of what you can experience within your partnership.

A day later marks Mercury’s entrance into the sign of Aquarius and the day we become androids! Ok, so I’m exaggerating, but this will be a time where emotions take a back seat and our intellect will do the driving. New perspectives on life and fresh nuggets of wisdom, no matter how weird, will likely show up during this time.

Conflicting to this on the very same day is the full moon in the sign of Cancer urging us to remember emotional safety and security in all our far reaching high mindedness.

Mars powers it’s way into Pisces on the 12th, which means, the driving passion will be there to pursue spiritual and creative endeavors. Our compassion filled hearts are free to act upon our compulsions to heal and take care of others less fortunate among us.

Sun in Aquarius

The Sun throws Saturns rule book of Capricorn caution to the wind on the 20th and flies up the intellectual high ground of Aquarius. Less interested in caretaking, home making and boundary staking, we’ll be free to have an adventure in the mind. Imagination, invention and revolutionary thoughts and actions mark this time period. If you can, try to consider the consequences of being too impractical so that there is time left to put these bold new thoughts to good use. Unnecessary clean up may result from carelessness.  

Mercury Retrograde

It’s that magically frustrating time again when the messenger (mercury) throws our world into chaos. This is only to remind us to take care to review and revise our decisions and doings to be in better alignment. If you have no business being in a particular situation, Mercury in retrograde will not so kindly and efficiently point that out to you. Communication technology malfunctions may delay a much needed conversation so that you may rethink the point of your discussion. Appointments may be missed, directions may be misunderstood, all to deliver you to other magical moments of synchronicity that may have otherwise been overlooked.  

We end the month with Venus entering Pisces, allowing our love to flow deep and free, and our artistic nature to blossom with heavenly inspiration. Our feelings of deep adoration for our loved ones will lean towards the unconditional, sometimes to a fault during this time.   

                                   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞


Bearson - Pink Medicine
Air Drops - Champion’s Chariot
Mames Babagenush - La Loteria En Babelonia (DJ Click & DJ Galletas Calientes Remix)
Beauty Brain - Veneno (Tropkillaz Remix)
Wildlife! - Boiler Riddim ft. Rapha
Erick Rincón x Siete Catorce - Espectro
Fakear - Dark Lands Song
Lorn - Cherry Moon
Mt. Eden - We Are Free
Waterbed - Around
SBTRKT - Wildfire (Paper Diamond Remix)
The Clerk - Cairo
Mercedes Sosa - Pollerita
Ambassadeurs - Mope
La Fine Equipe - Chomksy Lactose Intolerance
Alsarah & The Nubatones - Nuba Noutou (The Spy From Cairo Remix)
Fakear - Morning in Japan
Mt. Wolf - Red (The Walton Hoax Remix)
Snowday - The Seventh Strong

This mix brought to you by missTANGQ


December 2014 Forecast as told by Jahon Mikal

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun sweeps through the high minded sign of Sagittarius for the first two thirds of the month of December. We’ll find ourselves fervent with the desire to expand our understanding of the bigger picture, turning largely to independent research. What we’ll discover will only be half as satisfying without others to share and compare, thus you may find yourself at a few more parties than usual. Be deliberate about where your time is spent and shoot straight to avoid having to explain why things you were responsible for were mishandled or neglected.


Mars enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius right out of the December gate on the 4th. Things we are passionate about may take on a “heal the world” type slant, wanting to expand social circles and exchange intelligent yet often whimsical ideas realizing that there are some missions that are better done as a cooperating and well researched group.

48 hours later the moon rises full in the sign of Gemini urging us to say what we must, especially pertaining to romantic relationships. It’s the emotional playing field as told by the twins, trying to apply logical thought to a rather irrational aspect of ourselves, but alas these things must and will surface. It will be up to you how they are conveyed to others.

Like scrubbing the eraser over a poorly drawn pencil line, so is the start of the Jupiter retrograde on the 8th. Like Missy Elliott, Jupiter “flips it and reverses it” to remind us to think deeply about the fortune and opportunities we’ve been granted and to find better ways to utilize them. It may feel difficult to move forward with things that may have most recently seemed like a sure bet. This period of deep reflection on your larger beliefs will allow you to refine what you attract to yourself so when it’s finally time to move forward you will do so in greater alignment.  

Dec 15th Uranus Square Pluto

The slow destructive and transformational energy of Pluto, and the quick evolving, inventive energy of Uranus produce a series of challenging and paradigm shifting world events that call into question our larger societal karma. Can we earth dwellers call into memory, larger lessons of the recent past to ensure that we are moving toward a healthy and sustainable future? Do we have the courage to fight for the right of the individuals and keep the world free of tyranny?

Mercury sneaks it’s way into Capricorn five days before the Sun on December 16th, giving us a precursor of what is to come. Small talk and frivolous expression is less likely to occur, as most communication becomes practical and purpose driven, and far less emotional and passionate. Our ability to decode meaningless ramblings into solid categorized information that can then be applied to a plan of action will increase, but too much computing can overwhelm, leading to frustration. Let’s pace ourselves, and have patience for those who may not grasp our plans and intentions, and if possible accept alternative forms of information without judging it too harshly.

December 21st marks the winter solstice and the day the Sun enters the strict and driving sign of Capricorn, as well as the new moon. This will be a tremendous time for new structured beginnings from life’s most humble of aspects. Increased time around family and close friends and the long year coming to a close will ground us into remembering the things that matter most. From there, we will create thoughtful and informed goals for the new year, and be fully charged up when the time comes to spring into action.


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Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire (Snakehips Remix)
KJs - Zmack!
Robs & Duke - Bring the Fire
Mexican Institute of Sound - Cumbia
Captain Planet - Cicada
Apline - Hands (Goldroom Remix)
Jill Scott - Golden (Royce Remix)
Bakermat - Teach Me (Extended Mix)
Vic_Mensa - Down On My Luck
Glass Animals - Psylla (Feki Remix)
Captain Planet - Quetxalcoatl Offering
Milk & Sugar Feat Miriam Makeba & Jungle Brothers - Hi A Ma Pata Pata (Sean Finn Remix)
M.I.A. - Yala (Phazz Remix)
TheFatRat - Xenogenesis
Fume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)
Röyksopp - Something In My Heart
Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix)
The Geek x VRV - Say it
Reggie B & Miles Bonny - My Sunshine
Christina Perri - Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)
Jack Garratt - The Love You’re Given

Sagittarius brings us the heat we need in cold December. Our fervent friend brings us the gift of fire - positivity, adventure, and confidence. Even with Jupiter in retrograde bringing us down on our luck, Sagittarius reminds us to keep up our optimism. With emotional communication being a priority this month (see moon in Gemini), the brute honesty of Sag will make us more courageous with expressing the truth of our heart. And let’s not forget that this fun-loving sign loves freedom and is always down for an adventure. The days may be dark but Sag reminds us to live life like its golden. These songs are a tribute to the fiery spirit that lives in all of us. I hope it keeps you warm in the gloomy winter days.

This mix brought to you by missTANGQ


November 2014 Forecast

1st half of Nov

As Mercury enters Scorpio on the 8th, we can expect that our communication will become more direct, deeply focused and probing, trying to unearth the truth from the depths and bring forth new information in which to change things in our environment. We will be less interested in superficial trivial facts about any given thing or person. While the Sun remains in Scorpio until the 22nd, we will come face to face with our deepest passions in life including our longing for other people especially intimately, wanting to know all the things unconventional or taboo about significant others in order to build deeper rapport.

2nd half of Nov

Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on the 16th, where our rootsy intimate tendencies of Scorpio give way to more universally directed themes of affection that bring a certain dogmatic idealism to romantic affairs. Relationships will tend to lean toward the lighter side of things, with less activities that require planning and strict commitment or focus of interest. On November 22nd the Sun enters Sagittarius, Expanding our awareness to life themes larger than ourselves, challenging us to test our faith, take risks and remain optimistic. This will be magnified when Mercury enters Sag and this adventurous and courageous surge of energy consumes our thoughts and begins to show it’s face in our communication.

Throughout November

Mars will continue to transit through Capricorn making us cautious in our larger ambitions, while steadily working toward manifesting what we desire. We keep a cool head when tested - sometimes a little on the cold side - not being open to precarious circumstances and carefully calculating potential consequences.

Jupiter in Leo gives us permission to be interested in our own opinions and passions, exploring various forms of self expression, sometimes simply to augment the quality of life.


- Jahon Mikal

                                 ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞   ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

This month’s mix is devoted to seductive Scorpio, the provocateur who loves digging under the skin, questioning all things shallow and inauthentic, and creator of psychic connections. Scorpio, who will not be content until the soul is satisfied. Some may call Scorpio dangerous. I find that Scorpio brings us a profound threat - forcing us to dive deep and unearth the darkness in order to connect us to a higher sense of purpose and light. It’s the kind of weight that may leave you weightless, a desecration that’ll take you to church.


Louis Mattrs - Oops x Wus Good
8prn - About Me ft. Francesca Belcourt
Hozier - Take Me To Church
Bit Funk - Soul Satisfunction
GoldLink - Bedtime Story
SRTW - We Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
Little Dragon - Little Man (Benji Boko Remix)
James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix)
Big Data - Dangerous (Oliver Remix)
Baauer - One Touch VIP ft. AlunaGeorge
TĀLĀ - Black Scorpio
Sylvan Esso - Coffee
Raury - God’s Whisper (Flasstradamaus & Aryay Remix)
Cholita Sound - Choquechincha El Jaguar (Bigote remix)
Misun - Superstition
She Said Disco - Seduction Lesson
LAYLA - Weightless (Dimond Saints Remix)


- missTANGQ