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Yin Water Ox: 

Purity and Endings

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on showings, readings and new projects. Enjoy!
YIN WATER OX: Purity and Endings
From now until February 3rd, we are under the reign of the Yin Water Ox. 

The 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac each rule a year, month, day and hour. We are currently in a Rooster year and beginning the month of the Ox. This month is also colored by the qualities of Yin Water. 

Although we have just begun a new year in the Gregorian calendar, we are finishing the last month of the Fire Rooster year in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The Chinese new year always begins at the dark (new) moon midway between the winter solstice and spring equinox, this year falling in mid-February. It is timely that we end this annual cycle with the month of the Ox, the totem of formidable perseverance and resolve, also known as the "great finisher" in the House of Creativity (the Rat starts, the Ox finishes). Coupled with Yin Water, the element of deep cleansing and reflection, it is the perfect time to contemplate endings so that we can ensure the purity of our next cycle. 

The ancient pictograph for the sign of the Ox is a symbol of a hand being bound (丑). A shackled hand requires great tenacity, willpower and endurance to accomplish feats. It is the force that works against the grain, the power that making a commitment has to outlast the winds of change. The Ox is that last reservoir of stamina we dredge up when all outside momentum is lost, in order for us to see things to completion. 

The ancient pictograph for Yin Water shows feet hanging above heaven (癸): when standing in a still pool of water looking down into your reflection, your feet will appear to be in the sky. Another way to interpret this is to visualize hanging upside-down. Imagine the decompression you feel in your spine in this symbolic act of emptying oneself out, and the fresh outlook that being upside-down brings. Through reflection, emptying and cleansing our perspective, Yin Water brings us the power of purity. 

How to work with this month's animal and element:

Many of us couldn't wait another moment to put 2017 behind us; we may have eagerly set new intentions and looked towards the future with urgency. Yin Water Ox reminds us that in order to begin any venture with a truly fresh start, we must complete our endings. While on the outside we may be reaching forwards in the direction of a new beginning, internally we must coil backwards for a cleansing of the past. Look inwards to resolve your worries and inner contradictions. Complete your unfinished business with praise for each hardship and triumph you've met along the way. Take inventory of the past with the honest clarity of a pool reflecting moonlight. Aim for purity before you begin the next movement. 

Purity may seem like a charming, antiquated value that can lead us into religious and dualistic thinking. But when was the last time we stopped to identify for ourselves the meaning of purity? What does it mean to be of pure mind and heart, or to make purity a goal in everyday life? The Dao teaches us that the way to achieve purity is to realize our essential nature, which connects us with all things. If you are one with everything, even filth is pure. Distill yourself to your essence. Celebrate each turning of the wheel of your life by completing this revolution. This is how you persevere with joy. 

Southern Gothic AfroSurrealism
A new Maestrology mix 

Featuring Amadia Shadow Rabbit

Multidisciplinary creatrix, Mixed Race Queer Femme Weirdo, born & raised in the South, currently living & creating in Oakland. 

"I hold the radical imagination as the ultimate alchemical force in the universe- that which can liberate & transform whatever challenges or constraints we face. I often consider what it means to be humxn thru the transpersonal arts- acts of divine play, building timeless languages in mythos, & active dialogue with the unconscious, or "shadow work," that enable us to transcend our perceived limitations of identity & circumstance. These surreal explorations can unlock intergenerational, interspecies, even interdimensional consciousness & self-expression."


The below mix is a sonic interpretation of Amadia Shadow Rabbit's kaleidoscopic afrosurrealist hymn.
Read the hymn and listen to the music by clicking below:

Use your own custom HTML

This soundscape features blues and folk recordings from the deep south as well as songs from black prisoners. It also spans the gothic afrosurrealist diaspora, with artists from Sudan, South Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Somalia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Congo, Ghana, and Kenya. 

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Yang Water Rat

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on showings, readings and new projects. Enjoy!
From now until January 5th, we are under the reign of the Yang Water Rat. 

The 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac each rule a year, month, day and hour. We are currently in a Rooster year and beginning the month of the Rat. This month is also colored by the qualities of Yang Water. 

According to legend, the Rat surpassed all the animals to attain first place in the zodiac wheel, despite its insubstantial size and unremarkable athleticism. The Rat achieved this by convincing the indomitable Ox to let it hitch a ride on its back. In the final moment, the Rat jumped ahead to cross the finish line, leaving the Ox to take second place. The Rat therefore represents the power of the intellect and the art of mind over matter. The Rat is a master planner, survivalist and opportunist. It knows that through devising the right strategy, recruiting the proper aids, and executing well-timed action, we can accomplish what seems physically impossible. 

Yang Water is symbolized by a wave - heavy, momentous, relentless movement. Whereas Yin Water is represented by reflection and stillness, Yang Water is actively engaged in all forms of exchange - commerce, travel and communication. A versatile and rushing body of water is capable of overriding any obstacle. Because of this, Yang Water has much to teach us about confronting challenge. If a boulder stands in its way, it simply pauses to build the momentum and magnitude to overwhelm it. Yang Water is fierce and can be dangerous - it knows no container and answers to nothing but its own intrinsic, unstoppable flow. 

This month puts us in the exhilarating (while precarious) position of facing the vast and unrelenting ocean. After the last two months that pushed us to protect and nurture our home life (Dog and Boar), we find ourselves standing at the ocean's edge, gripping our clothes so as not to get wet. We may even applaud ourselves for how well we've managed to stay dry despite life's efforts to submerge us. This month we will surrender all of these efforts - when the ocean comes, you will get wet. 

How to work with this month's animal and element:

Yang Water Rat brings to us an ever-changing onslaught of activity, submitting us to its own agenda. Surrender does not imply passivity, however - submission to this overwhelming flow will be an active one. We will need to call on our inner Rat, utilizing all our survival strategies, the creativity of our intellect, and our capacity to adapt to the moment in order to ride the wave.

We must use our cunningness in service of larger movement and flux, otherwise we will drown. An opportunist is a skilled player in the dance of yin and yang - combining listening, waiting and intuition with instantaneous, responsive action. If we get stuck in the perceived safety of planning and scheming, we become victim to one of the Rat's major weaknesses: all thinking and no doing, rigid expectations and no flow. We must not get attached to the details of our lives that fall apart in the deluge (like our clothes getting wet), otherwise we will completely miss the ride the ocean is taking us on.

This month will expand the dimensions of our resilience. When we are faced with more than we can manage, our boundaries become our quest. If you avoid the impending annihilation, you will never see the substance and toughness you are made of. The waters seem vicious, but it is here to give your soul more range. Just as the Rat shows us the power of mind over matter, challenge shows us the power of the human heart over fate. Our endurance, learning, and personal resolve will inevitably grow in magnitude. Coming out from the undertow, we will experience the ascent of our own wave, which is the force of the ocean rising inside us. 

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- Ms. Cindy, Teacher

Read the complete testimonials here.
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Yin Metal Pig / Boar

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on showings, readings and new projects. Enjoy!
From now until Dec 6th, we are under the reign of the Yin Metal Pig or Boar. 

The 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac each rule a year, month, day and hour. We are currently in a Rooster year and beginning the month of the Pig. This month is also colored by the qualities of Yin Metal. 

The Pig or Boar is the last sign of the astrological wheel and rules the final hours of the waking day. Whether it is competing with the other animals for the zodiac lineup, or showing up to the Buddha's final day on earth, legends describe the Pig as always arriving late and last due to its lazy and pleasure-seeking nature. 

Its because of this that the Pig plays a vital role in bringing us back to what truly matters at the end of the day. The Pig is the voice that asks us, What's the point in getting ahead in life if we don't return to a loving home - filled with all the nourishing, earthly comforts that we share with those we most cherish? Laziness is a term that measures productivity while the Pig measures life through gratification. In fact, the Pig is not one to shy away from hard work, so long as it brings the realization of the sweet and bountiful life.

In conjunction with Yin Metal, represented by precious stones and jewelry, this month's qualities emphasize pleasure through adornment, indulgence and aesthetic refinement. Because metal is conductive, it is highly intuitive, helping the Pig fulfill its position as our guardian while we sleep. While the Dog (last month) protected us from intruders on the outside, the Pig protects us as we enter our inner worlds during dream-time, making sure all our material needs are met so that we may descend into the vulnerable subconscious. In this way, it is the sign that midwifes us into winter, the underworlds and into the abyss. 

How to work with this month's animal and element:

November is a month of transition, with the end of the harvest season, shorter days and new elections in politics. The holy days welcoming this month celebrate the spirits and the dead - those that have transitioned. A year ago at this time, America transitioned by putting its darkest monstrosities and perversions into positions of power, so that we can face them overtly.

This month reminds us that in the midst of transformation, we need to take care. If we are to be vigilant and ambitious, let it be directed towards that which brings us nourishment and delight. By taking care of ourselves and our needs, we respect life's difficulties and the energy required to move through them.

The greatest wisdom of this time is not pleasure-seeking as an escape or holding onto a mythology of everlasting happiness (manifesting as gluttony and hedonism, the Pig's infamous shadow qualities). If we are in denial of the descent into winter, we miss the beautiful colors of fall and nature's wondrous, instinctive death process. Yin Metal Pig tells us to go outside, taste the cold air on our tongues, feast our eyes on tumbling leaves and touch the wet and frigid earth. During this time of transition, we are reminded of the sheer preciousness of being alive, for which we participate in an exquisite, dangerous dance. 

From Vocation to Calling - Keynote Address

Last month I was invited by an inspiring group of youth leaders from the King County Library System to give a keynote speech for their Teen Voices Summit. They asked me to speak about immigration, queerness, mental health, non-traditional career paths, making mistakes, finding courage - many thematic heavy-hitters! If you'd like to hear my thoughts on any of these, feel free to click on the video and take a listen.

"When the way comes to an end, then change.
Having changed, you pass through"
- Yi Jing

Happy Changes. See you next month!
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Yang Metal Dog

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on showings, readings and new projects. Enjoy!
From now until Nov 6th, we are under the reign of the Yang Metal Dog. 

The 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac each rule a year, month, day and hour. We are currently in a Rooster year and beginning the month of the Dog. This month is also colored by the qualities of Yang Metal. 

At the end of the day before going to bed, we do our nightly ritual of turning off the lights, locking the doors and shutting the windows. It is at this hour that the Dog - the watchman and guardian - reigns supreme, taking their post at the gate. The ancient symbol for this sign was a hand holding a spear, reminding us that this zodiac sign represents protection and defense. As the yang animal in the House of the Home, it relates to the exterior of the house, guarding and sheltering the family within. 

Through its dedication to responsibility and fidelity, the Dog tends to perceive life as binary, seeing all relationships as either friend or foe. Concerned with safety and preservation, it is the most conservative and traditionalist of the Chinese signs. At the extremes, this protector demonstrates profound care and hospitality to loved ones and courage during adversity, with the simultaneous capacity for periods of acute jealousy, anxiety and loneliness. 

This month is also colored by the qualities of Yang Metal, the element of toil, righteousness, memory, and grief. This makes for a Dog that is aggressively competitive, driven to work not from joy or reward but from sheer principle. It also emphasizes the Dog's orientation to the past - possessing a refined retentiveness, though prone to self-pity and pessimism. 

How to work with this month's animal and element:

The month of the Dog foreshadows and prepares us for the Year of the Dog, coming February 16, 2018. The energies surrounding this time are a trial that asks us to reclaim our relationship to tradition and conservatism, a theme that will reverberate throughout the coming new year. Patriotism and a polarized approach to relationships are omnipresent. As feelings of powerlessness become more pervasive, people turn to extreme measures to resolve their desperation. It is at this timely juncture that we must cultivate our most austere archetypes of Protector, Guardian, and Judge within ourselves and society.

The Metal Dog, prone to despair and aggression, is called to invoke its positive incarnation, the Sacred Warrior. Anger born from isolation and alienation is destructive while anger and grief that is utilized by the collective in service of justice and liberation is sacred. The Metal Dog reminds us that we are full of power if we can transform our wounds and torment into the utmost care and protection for the most vulnerable on our planet.

From the macro of our society to the microcosm of our families and our selves, the Metal Dog asks us to delineate our boundaries, to draw the line between our exterior and interior, and to declare what is and isn't permissible in the holy space of our homes. There are times for experiencing compassion and spiritual oneness, a time of saying "yes" to one another. There are also times where we must call in the Protectors to declare a resounding "no" to violations. The Metal Dog asks us to take responsibility as the guardian mothers and fathers of the earth and proclaim what is unacceptable, in our only home. 

The Oracle heads to its new home

The Oracle is an interactive installation that brings the Yi Jing, an ancient Chinese divination tool to life, giving participants a custom reading through animations and music in an immersive sculpture. This project is a collaboration between multi-sensory artists Louis Chinn and missTANGQ, featuring creative coder Tiffany Ta.

The Yi Jing is the oldest recorded text of divination dating back to neolithic times. Amongst its many applications, it gives the subject a deeper understanding of the present moment through wisdom based on cycles of change and elements in nature.


The above video is from the last showing of the Oracle at Seattle Asian Art Museum's Off the Walls.

The next stop for the Oracle: The Bay Area! It will be shown in San Francisco at SOMArts during or curatorial residency in 2018. Stay tuned for updates! 

Maestrology Returns!

It's ever-more apparent to me that we need creative ways to share our collective wisdom in order to counteract feelings of hopelessness and desperation. I believe it is precisely the circumstances of powerlessness that systematically create the acts of mass violence that is outpouring not only in America, but experienced globally today. 

Our collective creativity, imagination and wisdom can counteract this permeating fear and rage. I'm excited to announce the return of Maestrology, just one way I hope to create a platform of sharing and inspiration through my love of music and traditional healing practices. 

Maestrology is a collaboration between missTANGQ and guest astrologers, healers and educators. Each month, the featured guest writes about a principle, archetype, or concept they are working with and missTANGQ creates a soundscape inspired by this theme. My hope is that Maestrology becomes a repository of knowledge sharing, where you can journey into new visions for the future through words and songs. It is also a personal creative desire of mine to use DJing as a form of storytelling and education. I will be posting each release in this newsletter, so stay tuned!
Interested in becoming a guest? Or have suggestions for one? Hit reply to this email

For más música, you can follow my SoundCloud here.
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Yin Earth Rooster

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on showings, readings and new projects. Enjoy!

From now until Oct 7th, we are under the reign of the Yin Earth Rooster. 

The 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac each rule a year, month, day and hour. We are currently in a Rooster year, in addition to beginning the Rooster month. This month is also colored by the qualities of Yin Earth. 

The Rooster rules the 10th hour of the day, when chickens come to roost. The month of the Rooster houses the autumn equinox, signifying the end of the harvest and the hard work of the day. The Rooster therefore is the master of ceremonies, ruler of all things in the realm of leisure and entertainment. As maestro, it is devoted to skillful relaxation and all the artistic abilities related to enjoyment. As the feminine sign in the house of career, it marries pleasure with necessity - understanding that good business results from developing shrewd aesthetic taste, connoisseurship and a healthy dose of social activity. As a protector and warrior, Roosters have a strong emotional force of character and are known for their opinionated expression, which can magnetize an entire tribe of followers but at its worst, tear a house down. 

The element of earth combined with this sign helps to stabilize the personality and emphasize its social reliability. The earth itself is flat and broad, an equalizing force. Yin Earth in particular refers to the pliable soil where food grows. Like agriculture, it is concerned with cultivation and the potential for growth. The month of the Yin Earth Rooster underlines the nourishment provided by recreation in the social sphere. 

How to work with this month's animal and element:
Roosters are the virtuosos of ceremony. They understand that performing rituals nurtures us and our communities. Through ritual we renew our ties to heaven, earth and humanity. The month of the Rooster tells us that those who perform rituals will see themselves transformed by their investment in these relationships. Celebration and pleasure, living life in beauty and appreciation, these are reasons we come together for ceremony and what gives back to us and helps us grow. 

But not all new chapters are celebratory. Sometimes growth occurs due to catastrophes, as an upheaval seeking resolve. Hurricanes are violent spirals seeking peace as they migrate to the poles. In times of great polarity and tumultuousness, meditate on the idea that the earth is a form of justice in itself, broadening and flattening us, making us humble, accepting all of us in its totalizing equality. The Yi Jing reminds us that everything, good or bad, is supported by the earth. The softness of this receiving, like the soil of the earth, is where new growth becomes possible. 

What is seeking to be resolved in you right now? What needs your receptivity and acceptance so that new seeds can grow? As summer dies down, we reflect on the hard work that has brought us to this moment. We find opportunity for joy and celebration through communion with others, building our resilience for the winter to come. 

Sacred Homeland:
Xucun International Art Festival & Residency

Jyun Jyun and I have just returned from our art residency in Xucun Village, an ancient town nestled in the Taihang mountain range of northwest China. We lived with a homestay family and participated with 10 Chinese artists and 8 other international artists in the biennale art festival and art commune. Each artist created new work that was donated permanently to the village.

It was exhilarating to be back in my personal homeland, surrounded by the ancient roots of my culture, meeting and working with fellow artists who were exploring the theme of "Sacred Homeland" for themselves. This residency will forever transform my path as an artist occupying the in-between spaces of East and West.  


Qilin 骐麟 
and the Hungry Ghosts 饿鬼

This is my largest mask to date. It is a giant sculpture of Qilin's head constructed of branches and unraveled grass rope. Inside Qilin's mouth are five Hungry Ghosts, which were made from plastic water bottles that I burnt and molded into faces. 

Qilin, the spirit of nature, carries and accepts all beings. Crying from inside her mouth we cannot see that we are a part of her always. To be a hungry ghost is to forget that we and nature are one. While we destroy each other and the planet we destroy ourselves. All materials for this piece were found and collected in Xucun Village. It now lives in the Xucun Museum's permanent collection. 
Jyun Jyun and I play our first show in Beijing! 

We've met so many amazing new friends on this trip! We continue to grow our global musician family, including now the DoHits crew (from Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore & Brooklyn). 
Where to find us next...
Seattle: Sept 15th-16th

Our work will be at the Seattle Asian Art Museum as part of their closing celebration. We will be showing The Oracle, an interactive immersive installation based on the Yi Jing (featuring creative coding by Tiffany Ta), as well as a brand new installation in the Garden Court. We will also DJ their after dark dance party on Saturday from 8-11pm. FREE.
We can't wait to infuse you all with our new creative and musical inspirations from Asia!

Oakland: Sep 21st
Hosted by Global Barrio &
Bay Area Mural Festival Benefit Party

San Francisco: Sep 23rd
At a secret location...
Hosted by House of Glint 
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Yin Fire Sheep

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on current performances, readings and new projects. Enjoy!

Yin Fire Sheep

From July 7th - August 6th, we enter the reign of the Yin Fire Sheep. 

The sheep is the 8th sign in the Chinese zodiac - it falls after the apex of the day and seasonal cycle (coming after the midday hour and summer solstice). Hence, its ancient character was the sign for plow, signifying that the day's work was not done even after midday had passed. The animal chosen for this sign was sheep (which is the same as "goat" in Chinese) and rules the feminine aspect of the House of Sexuality. It is considered the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, representing the yin qualities of receptivity, service, gentleness, humility and patience. In the realm of work, it is concerned with matters of domestic life and family harmony. In recreation, it is a lover of crafts and beauty.

Yin fire accentuates the warm and relational aspects of the sheep. Rather than a blazing furnace, yin fire is akin to the warmth of a mother's embrace. Because fire is essentially synergistic (it needs fuel in order to burn), this element adds reliance to an already dependent sign. The sheep needs to be in partnership and service - its sense of both security and identity depends on a greater whole. The fire sheep will be an infectious and magnetic force that will lead us into the realm of the collective.

The best way to work with this month's animal and element is to let your compassion be your guide! Your immediate objectives and your happiness are now more than ever dependent on the larger needs of society. Only through working together can we achieve a greater sphere of influence. This also means a more acute understanding of your own limitations as an individual - this month requires you to depend upon and synergize your energies with something larger than yourself. If you have Dragon, Horse or Tiger in your chart, you may find yourself questioning the nature of your independence and why it feels threatened.

Biàn Liǎn 变脸: The Art of Face Changing

July 4th, 7-9pm at Alchemy Collective
Biàn Liǎn 变脸 is our first solo visual art show in the Bay - featuring masks and wood prints. Come to the show and chat with me and Jyun Jyun about travels, inspiration, art and ancestry. Make your own animal spirit masks! We will also have a body painter to embellish your animal transformation. 

We hope to catch all our Bay Area fam before we leave for Seattle and China the next day =)

 ANiMA: A Future Without Borders

An Evening of Myth, Magic and Music
Presented by Seattle Office of Arts and Culture

We are bringing ANiMA to Seattle for two FREE outdoor shows! 

Friday July 7th: Duwamish Waterway Park 8:30-10pm
Saturday July 8th: Cal Anderson Park 8:30-10pm

ANiMA uses ancestral traditions, nature and mythology to imagine a borderless global future. Fusing new interactive media, live global bass music, projected animations, as well as shadow puppetry and storytelling, ANiMA is a multi-sensory spectacle that will activate imaginations and move the spirit. 

Watch a video of the show here

Xucun Art Residency

On July 13th, Jyun Jyun and I will be heading to Xucun Art Commune to participate in their biennial art residency and international art festival. Xucun is an 2,000-year-old ancient traditional village nestled in the Taihang Mountain range, southwest of Beijing. 

This year's festival is themed "Sacred Homeland" and will host Chinese as well as international artists coming together to work in Xucun's studios and exchange work, talks, and performances. We are excited to call this place home this summer! 

We are playing our first festival shows at Priceless!

See you soon Bay Area - July 4th

Seattle here we come - July 7-8th
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Yang Wood Dragon

Welcome to the missTANGQ newsletter.
I will be sharing monthly forecasts based on the Chinese solar calendar as well as updates on current performances, readings and new projects. Enjoy!

Yang Wood Dragon

From April 4th - May 4th, we enter the reign of the Yang Wood Dragon. 

The Dragon is the only mythical animal of the Chinese zodiac and represents our connection to the supernatural. It symbolizes the pinnacle of evolution, our ultimate metamorphosis and our highest self. The Dragon shares the House of Spirituality with the Yin Snake, which is considered the mystic. As the yang counterpart, the Dragon is the magician, ruling over all things other-worldly with theatrical flamboyance.

Coupled with Yang Wood, the element of spring and conception, this month accentuates the Dragon's strength in a nurturing way. The pioneering, self-starter attitude of the Dragon will be heightened and directed towards generosity and cooperation. Creativity and imagination are especially alive. Because Wood destroys Earth (the Dragon's ruling element) by pulling out its vitality, beware of making reckless and destructive choices, as the Dragon's love of risk-taking may entice but deplete you.  

The best way to work with this month's animal and element is to participate exuberantly in the theater of life! Allow the Dragon's influence to draw you to the exotic and the unknown. Let the element of Yang Wood fill your ambitions with imagination and service towards others. This is a time of activation in the public sphere. We are being called to see the social, cultural and political stage we live in as theater - which is to say, a magical experience. We will need to activate our role as creative players, see clearly where we are being deceived by illusion, and call in our highest evolution in the dramas of transformation. 

 ANiMA (May 6th)

An Evening of Myth, Magic and Music
Presented by the API Cultural Center- San Francisco

Watch a trailer for the show here


You are invited to our biggest show yet! As part of the United States of Asia America Festival, we will be weaving together music, mythology, dance and new media into a synesthetic performance that imagines a borderless future. 

We are also featuring members of the Global Barrio collective Santi & Tuğçe (Paraguay and Turkey) and DLMJ (Mexico).

This is going to be one special night - don't miss it! 

Zétéo Music Video

Zétéo Animation Premieres on Vice!

The stop-motion animation, Zétéo, premieres in Vice Creator's Project and Vice China. Jyun Jyun and I created this work, which involved over 1000 still images, while on retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Zétéo refers to the concept of soul-reunion, as described in Socrates' Symposium. Read our interviews on this project in the links above. 

Watch the full animation here

The Bison Comes To Life

The most important thing for me to capture in this piece was the theme of Gentle Power and quiet, benevolent strength. I wanted the animals to make a formidable statement while using soft, plush and regal materials that draw you in. These qualities capture the essence of the person who this piece was created for. 

Commissions involve a consultation/interview, a reading, and the creation of a custom mask as a sacred object for the individual. It can be used as a reminder of the divine essence of the person, an invocation of a future self, or an embodiment of that person's animal totems, spiritual guides and ancestors. 

Materials: paper maché, acrylic, wool, mirror, crushed turquoise, crushed stones, gold leaf, guinea fowl feathers, jungle cock eye feathers, other natural feathers, leather, thread and mink eyelashes. 32" x 18.5" x 9"
For inquiries, contact

April Readings

If you're in the Bay Area, join me for a Palm Analysis and Yi Jing reading at these special events:

Tuesday, April 4th 7-9pm
Alchemy Collective
First Tuesday: Visions, verbs, and vibrations from POC creators & diviners

Thursday, April 20th 9-11pm
Era Art Bar and Lounge
Global Barrio Art Collective monthly event 

All drop-in readings are donation based. Learn more about my modality
Private consultations:

Question: Where should this mask live? 

Take me beyond the gallery walls!
Help inspire me with some fresh ideas for where I can take my masks. 
I will compile everyone's answers and my favorite ones will be shared next month =)

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